National Day of Forgiveness

September 27th National Day of Forgiveness

More than ever our world could use more messages of LOVE and how to actually experience it. I founded the National Day of Forgiveness, to be celebrated on September 27. The purpose of the day is to help people understand forgiveness from a pragmatic perspective and make it something so tangible that people excitedly and readily invite it into their lives. Forgiveness is about letting go of the toxic, detrimental, and heavy emotions and thoughts to make room for LOVE.
My hope is that the day, the concept, the intention, and most importantly the LOVE will reverberate and be felt and experienced far and wide, for at least the day. And just maybe, that day will provide enough inspiration to find it’s way into many other days in all our lives. Will you celebrate this day with me?

With LOVE,
Forgiveness is embodied LOVE in action.


Ways to celebrate this day:
+ Post a story of forgiveness in your life, it can be written or a video. Share this inspiration on social media and use the hashtag #nationaldayofforgiveness

+ Forgive yourself. Utilize the Forgiveness Processes I created to help you with this. Find them here.

+ Forgive another. Utilize the Forgiveness Processes I created to help you with this. Find them here.

+ Read a book about forgiveness. (The Pursuit of Forgiveness 2.0 by Melissa Reese, The Gift of Forgiveness by Katherine Schwarzenegger, The Knowing by Saje Dyer & Serena Dyer Pisoni, Mirror Face: A Book on Self Love (for kids) by Jordan Gillman & Michael Tyler, Ho’oponopono: Your Path to True Forgiveness by Dr. Matt James, or some other book that catches your eye (ask people for suggestions).)

+ Share a book about forgiveness with someone. (See above.)

+ Read my blog posts on this site.

+ Donate to the Choose LOVE Movement:

+ Donate to your favorite animal rescue or shelter. Here’s one doing fantastic things for both animal and human: Marley’s Mutts

+ Go out into your community and find someone to connect with that you would maybe not normally attempt to connect with.

+ Hug a tree and thank it. Then, donate to this visionary organization focused on saving trees:
Champion Tree Project

+ Become a part of the Be LOVE Movement: Be LOVE

Check out the official day by clicking here.