The Self.

“Ignorance is bliss only when you see the angel outside, but not the devil within.” -Dipendra Tamang

When you think about your Self who do you know your Self as? When you look in the mirror what do you see and what do you feel? Who are you? What makes up “you?” Are you willing to see all your gold as well as all your mud?

To point the finger at another but fail to look within, ignorance.

To justify to yourself for yourself, but want to hold another accountable, ignorance.

To deem right, wrong, good, and bad for yourself and then hold another to that same measurement and ideology, ignorance.

To be more aware of others than your Self or to know others more than you truly know your Self, ignorance.

To be more concerned with others than your Self, ignorance.

We all have blind spots to and for ourselves. It is important to get to know what those blind spots are. We can do this by working with someone that we trust. We can work through this by being vulnerable and asking those that LOVE us most to lovingly articulate what some of our blind spots could be.

Our only responsibility is to and for our Self. We can only truly and deeply heal our own Self. We can only help people on their journey if they are willing to be helped, and it is still their own responsibility to heal themselves.

What are you allowing yourself to see? What are you not allowing yourself to see? What do you know to be true? What do you not want to be true? What do you keep yourself from knowing to be true?

Looks can be deceiving. Learn to “see” with your heart and intuition over simply your eyes. Experience your Self from the inside out and you will better be able to see others from the inside out.

There is the shadow and there is the light. You can and will live in your own shadow until you become the light. Seek your Truth. Never stop learning (and growing).

Ditch the ignorance, embrace vulnerability, openness, curiosity, and most of all LOVE–no devil could ever withstand this.

By Melissa Reese
The Pursuit Guru